The Museum of Ice Cream

I honestly don’t even know where to begin. A few months ago, a pop-up museum arrived in NYC, called the Museum of Ice Cream. A few weeks prior, I had came across their amazing Instagram feed, but did not realize it was a physical museum. Then I started seeing people attending the museum all over social media, and knew I had to go. It looked so unbelievable, and so right up my alley. Little did I know, that getting a ticket was like scoring a golden ticket straight out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory — it was almost impossible. Fast forward past all of my efforts to make sure I got to go, I arrived outside of the museum, nestled in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. I was first greeted by a huge pastel wall reading, “ICE CREAM,” in the most perfect shade of pink, outside of the museum on the cobblestone streets. Upon entering the museum, I was immediately served a delectable scoop of ice cream, and handed a straw with a huge edible bubble on the end — not to mention surrounded by tons of interesting art, including an oval wall mirror embellished with faux ice cream, frosting splatters, cherries, whipped cream — the whole nine. After eating my edible bubble, I turned to discover a massive pink wall exhibiting a wide array of ice cream cones in various shapes and sizes, pinned to the wall. Can you say, “perfect Instagram moment?!” As I walked through the corridor, tons of lightbulbs hung over my head, each strung at different lengths above me. No, these were no ordinary lightbulbs, but rather light fixtures designed to look like upsidedown ice cream cones drippping with chocolate fudge and sprinkles. A few interesting, and deliciously smelling rooms later, I entered upon the main event, THE SPRINKLE POOL. Yes, a sprinkle pool. Complete with a diving board, beach balls, and candy-themed pool floats, I watched in amazement as muesum visiters just as excited as myself dived right into a pool filled with multi-colored sprinkles. Just about every person’s dream. Needless to say, I spent quite a bit of time exploring the sprinkle pool. I then entered a gallery room, filled with the most unique art, one of my favorite pieces being a DSLR camera covered in rainbow sprinkles and rhinestones. Shortly after, I was handed a little tablet that I was told was an ancient African berry, yielding the ability to alter one’s tastebuds. I placed the tart pink tablet on my tongue and waited for it to dissolve, as advised. Now queue my favorite part of the entire experience. After the tablet dissoved, I was brought to a stark white wall that was made up of individual vertically slanted dividers, each holding an ice cream cone on a pedestal. I watched as other museum goers grabbed a cone, and to my shock, immediately saw a white-gloved hand emerge from behind the wall and replace it with an identical cone. When it was my turn, I grabbed my own, experiencing the most divine ice cream experience. There was a lemon on top, which I was told to eat. This magical African berry, altered my tastebuds, rendering the lemon to be extremely sweet. Let me not forget to mention that the ice cream tasted unbelieveable as well. To end the tour, I got to sit on an ice cream sandwich swing and see-saw on a giant ice cream scooper. To the Museum of Ice Cream: Thank you for creating and bringing me into a fantasy world, I’ll forever be dreaming of your pastel interiors and sugar-scented corridors.


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