Welcome to Creative Saturdays! First, a little backstory on how we got here. My name is Alexa Speyer, and I am a graphic designer, art director and film editor, with a tremendous love for all things creative. There is just one problem — at the end of the workday, it’s simply not enough. I like to be surrounded by all things art & design at all times, so I started creating original content by styling & shooting fun sets to share on my personal Instagram account. Spending hours a day commuting, and never being home in the natural light during the week, Saturdays became my one-and-only chance to get out all of the creative ideas that make my head spin (in a good way!) during the week. Can you say “train ride brainstorms?!” Hence, the name of this blog. Enjoying content creation so much, I’ve decided to expand it all, and start a blog where I could share it. That’s where you come in. I’d like to share my creative adventures with you, including not only the final results, but my process, tips and tricks I’ve learned on the job, and even some doodles here and there as well. Why the ice cream you ask? I’ve recently been very inspired by ice cream as art, so I can guarantee you will be seeing a lot of it along the way! xoxo

Email me at creativesaturdaysblog@gmail.com