The Scoop: 23 & 9 Creative

Hello, creative world! I am super excited for the latest edition of, The Scoop, as it features one of the most inspirational designers (& amazing boss ladies!) that I know. I was lucky enough to meet Chelsea Kardokus at a calligraphy workshop in DUMBO Brooklyn, at an adorable paper store, Dabney Lee. I was mesmerized watching Chelsea effortlessly glide her pen across the paper, making out perfectly scripted typefaces. After chatting, we realized that we worked for the same company, both designers at different magazines at Time Inc. On top of being an art director, Chelsea has her own side business, creating beautiful branding for her variety of clients. I am so excited to share the Q&A that she did with me, as well as some of her work below, incluing mood boards, logo design & website design. Check out her website here:










First Animation!


I learned how to make GIF animations a while back, but with photo files. It recently dawned on me that I could do the same with illustrated files. Since I’ve been so into creating vector illustrations lately, I decided to try animating some of them. This was my first shot at it, and I have to say, it’s pretty exciting to see it in action! I think this created a bit of a monster, as I think I am going to be working on a lot of these from now on — endless possibilities! Totally addicting and mesmerizing to watch.

content creators! Lizzie Darden

IMG_1758We live in such an interesting world right now, where digital content is on the rise, and we are inundated with visuals from morning to night, in communities that allow us to share to our heart’s content, and be exposed to art at all times. Speaking of things on the rise, the term, now well-known as “content creation,” has become so largely present. There are so many creatives making a living out of the creation of art & visuals for social channels. I’d say that about 80% of the influencers that I follow on Instagram are known as content creators, and I am absolutely loving what I am seeing, and so inspired every single day. I came across Lizzie Darden’s work a few years ago, and her portfolio just continues to get more conceptual, ingenious and just plain fun by the day. I absolutely love that she sells prints of her work in her Society 6 shop, and I just purchased this beauty. This is one of my favorite pieces of hers. I love the fact that she conceptualizes, styles, and shoots all of her content & assignments. Ironically, this basically sums up why I started Creative Saturdays. My love for content creation has grown leaps and bounds, and I look forward to styling and shooting content every weekend for this blog and for my personal Instagram account. It is all of these influencers, like Lizzie, that have inspired & encouraged me to start this project.

Here is Lizzie’s website, as well as her Society 6 shop:

Hightops & the best color


I’ve been waiting far too long for the perfect shade of hightop converse to come my way. Naturally, when I came across these babies, they were a must have! Can I pull off high tops? Who knows, but they certainly are a beautiful sight. What’s more fun than this color & one of the most classic shoes of all time?!

The Scoop: Putri Febriana

Hello creative world, meet one of my favorite illustrators, Putri Febriana. I came across Putri’s work during my ongoing search for illustrators to commission for stories while I was a designer at Real Simple Magazine. When I found her work on Behance, I absolutely loved it and knew I had to work with her — the trick was waiting for the perfect story to come along. Putri’s work is really whimsical, bright, colorful, and fun. I especially love her use of pastel colors, pattern play, and attention to fine details in her work, all with a vector illustration style. I was stunned by her whole portfolio, but what stood out to me the most was a beach scene that Putri illustrated, filled with the tiniest little details of people on a beach. When a story for the Family section of Real Simple (all about planning family vacations) came up, I knew that the timing was right and that Putri would be perfect for the story. It was such a pleasure working with her, and you can imagine how excited I was that we would finally get to work on an assignment together. Below are some of my favorite pieces from Putri’s portfolio, her interview with me, and a sneak peak at the story that we worked on for the magazine. Check out more of her incredible work here: Enjoy!

People Series_Spring 25Mar15Web
People Series_Spring 25Mar15

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Here is the article that Putri worked on for Real Simple. Putri created the illustrations, and I designed the layout and art directed the section.



Q&A below:




Drippy, Drippy Ice Cream


Some styling I did with ice cream. Truth be told, this was the third day of trying to shoot it. I had something very specific in mind for what I wanted the final result to look like, and that’s what it took to get it just right. There were so many frames to edit down, but once I reached this once, I knew it was the one — I captured the drips at just the precise moment!

Now on Dribble

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.04.29 PM

I’m excited to say that I’ve made a Dribble account to upload all of my illustration work! It’s such a user-friendly & design-friendly site, and it’s been extremely enjoyable so far. It’s such a great interactive community of designers and creatives. Check out my full profile here: